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Themed Recreation Company is all about the themeing of: playgrounds, stand-alone play elements, landscape environments, rides and attractions, icons, sculptures, water parks, as well as splash or spray parks. Themed Recreation relies on their Alliance members, such as CEMROCK LANDSCAPES and others to fabricate the themed elements utilizing reinforced concrete, fiberglass and other appropriate materials. We are a world leader in the design-build themeing industry. Upon request we will provide turn key projects. The majority of the museum quality themed elements shown herein were completed by Cemrock Landscapes.

Contact us today to discuss your project and visions for a one-of-a-kind signature piece of equipment, facility or structure and we will begin the concept and design process.

Themed Recreation is a division of the International Amusement Alliance LLC formed in 2001 by Amusement & Recreation industry veteran George Laibe. The company is located near Phoenix, Arizona..

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